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Xu Hangyuan: Balancing Work and Study
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Xu Hangyuan, a student in the Sino-US joint-program between NIT and the University of Indianapolis, is graduating from the School of Foreign Language Studies and has been enrolled in a postgraduate program at the ChineseUniversity of Hong Kong (CUHK). An all-round student, he performed excellently both in the academic curriculum and in extracurricular activities. For three years, he was awarded the first scholarship as the top student in his class. In his fourth year, he won the honor of ;Outstanding Graduate. Xu was also passionate about participating in various campus activities, and served as deputy chairperson of the Student Union.
Xu said that the main reason he was able to be enrolled at CUHK was his ability to maintain a good balance between work and study. Although he was active in various extracurricular activities, he always gave priority to his studies. His varied social experiences and his high academic scores fully qualified him as a competitive candidate for the CUHK postgraduate program.
As a member of Sino-US program, Xu said he had benefited a lot from the western style of education, and he was grateful for the dedication of the American professors who taught him. Their teaching strengthened his interest in learning English and also broadened his horizons.

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