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Xin Jianbo: Moving with the Flow
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Xin Jianbo, a 2001 graduate of NITs School of Law and Media, excelled academically and was awarded several scholarships. His approach to campus life was both creative and practical. He was active at the Student Service Center and served as vice president of the WTO Board at NIT. Xin also founded and directed the Law Society Round Table, together with other Law majors. He now works as the director of the Industry and Trade Office in Zhanqi town, Yinzhou district. His energy and enthusiasm have paid off.
Lessons Learned at University
Most people are always striving to find a better job or improve their standard of living. Few are satisfied with what they already have. Xin Jianbo had a simple dream: to become a noble and responsible judge. He entered the School of Law and Media to pursue this dream. During his four years at NIT, he worked hard and won several awards, each one more remarkable than the last. He went from winning the Third Prize scholarship, to the Second Prize, and finally the First Prize scholarship. Xin always kept him goal in mind – to acquire the legal skills and knowledge he would require to become a fine judge.
Although Xin Jianbo studied a lot, he wasnt a bookworm. He was active at the schools Student Service Center and delighted in providing excellent service to his fellow students. As a member of the WTO Board and then serving as its vice president, Xin honed his social and communication skills using a multi-disciplinary approach. Later, as founder and director of the Law Society Round Table, he worked to broaden society members professional knowledge and to enhance their abilities.
Xin understood the importance of participating in a variety of extracurricular activities, which he regarded as a rare opportunity to mature and develop on a personal level. He knew how to make the best of a situation, whatever it may be. This positive attitude was to serve him well in his later life and career.
Courage to Explore and Innovate
Four years of university life come and go ;in the blink of an eye. Even though students are more mature and better prepared for lifes challenges when they graduate, when the time comes to find a job they nevertheless often feel confused. What next? Like other graduates, Xin Jianbo had to take a leap into a difficult job market. As a law student, he of course wanted to find a job related to his intended profession. Thanks to his high grades and to the glowing recommendations from his teachers, he was fortunate to land an internship at a law office. Upon completion of the internship, the law office agreed to offer him a contract for a full-time position. Xin was elated to be working in his chosen field, and his goal of becoming a judge now seemed to be within his reach[w1].
Studying is a Lifelong Pursuit
The road of life is seldom a straight and easy path. There are many unexpected twists and turns. Did Xin manage to become a judge as he hoped? Not yet. He decided for practical reasons to go in another direction. To improve his academic credentials, he completed an MPA program at Tsinghua University, and yet another graduate program at Xiamen University. Today, Xin Jianbo is the director of the Industry and Trade Office of Zhanqi town, Yinzhou district. Xin Jianbo still continues to enrich himself through his studies, but these days, its now always about the law. Out in ;the real world, Xin continues to work hard, adapt and to make the best of every situation.
Tips on Finding a Job
Regarding todays difficult job market for university graduates, Xin Jianbo offered the following advice: “Know what you are truly interested in doing before you apply for a job. Dont be discouraged by all the gloomy news about the difficulties you will face. Maintain a positive attitude, keep your ;feet on the ground, and move forward step by step. Life may take you in unexpected directions, so be ready to go with the flow.”

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