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Wang Yaping: Volunteering in the West
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Wang Yaping, born in Taizhou, is a recent graduate of NIT. Always an excellent student, her dream since high school was to volunteer to assist in the development of Chinas western provinces.
During her college years, Wang always found time to pursue interests in addition to her studies. She founded a club called “Volleyball Backbone Elite” for people like herself who loved to play volleyball. She looks back with gratitude on this experience: “Playing organized sports offered me and my fellow students an easy way to express feelings of love and caring. It was also an excellent way to learn about myself and others. Those hours on the volleyball court were some of the happiest times of my life.”
After graduation, and with the enthusiastic support of her friends, Wang Yaping realized her dream and traveled to Sichuan province to teach underprivileged children. Although Wang wasnt trained as a teacher, she always made the children happy and encouraged them to study and work hard. In return, she received the childrens love and appreciation.
She remembers teaching smiling children how to make cards for Teachers Day. She often played games with them and enjoyed reading letters the children wrote to her expressing their joys and sorrows. Sometimes, a child would even call her on the phone and timidly say a few words. The parents she met were kind-hearted and often gave her small gifts. A favorite gift was eggs – a symbol of appreciation. On a few occasions, a family would invite Wang to dinner at their home. She recalls the harsh living conditions in the mountainous areas of Sichuan, and how her acquaintances would offer to accompany her on long treks along the high mountain roads. Now, the hardships are largely forgotten, but she will always remember the people she met.
In August 2008, Wang Yaping left her volunteer life behind to move on to new dreams and challenges. As she said her good-byes, she remarked, “Although my time in Sichuan was often difficult, and I sometimes even complained about it, I leave filled with gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful people who welcomed me with open arms. I really dont want to leave, but I must.”

Wang Qingdan, Wang Ying, Song Yulian and Yao Siyu


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