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Wang Jian’en: Hold Fast to Your Dream
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After graduating from NITs School of Economics and Trade, Wang Jianen entered the workforce and tried his hand at several different kinds of jobs. In 2008, wishing to be his own boss, he decided to start his own business. He is now the general manager of Shanghai Co., Ltd.
Improving Abilities
In 2001, Wang Jianen was a freshman at NIT. Looking back on this cherished time, he said that what has proved to be most valuable in his university life were his acquaintances with his teachers, from whom he acquired useful knowledge and life skills. In addition, his interactions with his many friends helped him develop excellent social skills. As an enterprising student, he organized a small community of like-minded individuals and founded the successful but short-lived UFO Institution. By participating in campus organizations, Wang acquired valuable communication skills. Every organization needs money to thrive. So, he also had to learn how to be economical and to manage money efficiently.
Wang Jianens first job in ;the real world was in the field of marketing. His company tasked him with establishing long-term business relationships with other large corporations. The work wasnt nearly as glamorous as it sounds. Wang often had to walk to the sites of target companies. Sometimes, he was stopped by security personnel. These inconveniences forced Wang to adjust his approach. Before he walked out the door, he would first compile a dossier of information about the target company and familiarize himself with the companys security procedures. Soon, it was no problem for him to gain access to potential clients. Wangs ingenuity and perseverance gained him excellent performance reviews from his employers.
Encouraged by his initial successes, Wang accepted a new position as a department manager for the famous Chinese firm, Baidu. “I had to manage ten employees, and their responsibilities were constantly changing. To be a good manager, you have to know how to do the job of each of your employees,” Wang observed. His approach was to teach by example. In this way, he encouraged his subordinates and gained their loyalty by demonstrating his willingness to do whatever the job required, no matter how menial. For Wang, it was difficult to make ;cold calls to prospective clients because he frequently encountered rejection and even verbal abuse. These experiences required that he not only develop as a salesperson and entrepreneur, but also that he develop himself both psychologically and spiritually. In the end, Wang acquired the solid foundation of practical experience necessary to succeed in his career.
As a result of his continuous efforts, and with financial support from his family, Wang founded Shanghai Co., Ltd. on November 10, 2008. Today, his company is growing steadily. His dreams have taken wing.
Being Entrepreneurial
Wang Jianen emphasizes that students with entrepreneurial aspirations must first develop key abilities such as thorough analysis, good judgment and decisive decision-making. Moreover, persistence in ones dream is an essential part of building a business. Whatever difficulties you may confront, you can never lose faith because any slackness can lead to failure.
Wang remarked, “I support those brave students who want to start their own business. The process of developing a business is actually a process of self-development. The pressures of entrepreneurship require that one be creative, innovative, and that one learn from ones mistakes.”
In the competitive world of business, only the strong survive. Ones dream is like a seed which is sowed in autumn and which germinates in the spring. The cold winter may sometimes seem endless. Entrepreneurs grow by challenging themselves continuously. In time, their efforts inevitably bear fruit.

Xu Yinji, Li Qiang, Zhang Mengjun, and Zhang Liu


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