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Qiu Jie: Writing One’s Own Story
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Qiu Jie is an outstanding graduate of NITs School of Foreign Language Studies. While attending college, she demonstrated her many talents by volunteering for several leadership positions and by participating in numerous competitions. After graduating, Qiu decided to launch her own business. Now, she is the director and general manager of a company registered in Hong Kong. What was the secret of her success?
Finding the Path
Qius teachers and parents advised her to acquire more practical experience in business management before she invested in a large business. However, she preferred to do things her own way. She started by acquiring small factories, one at a time, and accumulating practical experience along the way. Her secret: start small and grow incrementally.
Walking the Path
As Qiu Jies business developed, she became dissatisfied. The initial challenge of starting a business was over and she also realized that the business was not growing according to her expectations. She had benefitted in life from her charming personality, communication skills and practical abilities, but this was not enough. She craved new challenges. It was time to move. Qiu decided to open a new branch of her business in Yiwu, a city famous for its successful businesspeople. Her secret: Keep things moving forward.
Reaching the Goal
The new branch in Yiwu became tremendously successful, and Qiu had to hire many new employees. Her profits continued to grow as the number of orders for her products increased steadily. The risk was high, but the rewards were great. When necessary, Qiu would never hesitate to do whatever job was required, such as running errands, making purchases, doing inspections, and so on. Her humility and her willingness to work hard won her the loyalty of her employees.
In the business world, competition is intense and unremitting. However, Qiu thrived in this type of environment, saying cheerfully that it ;kept her on her toes. After many years of consistent effort, and in with the support of her family, friends and loyal employees, she can finally say that she has achieved success. On being successful in business, she offered this advice: “It is essential to keep pace with breaking trends in your field, be they financial, technological, or geo-political. This gives you the advantage. Then, you must persevere and be ready to jump when an opportunity presents itself.”
Qiu Jies story is one of an independent spirit with specific goals and great ambition. Her secret: Through our efforts, we write our own story.

Chen Yangyang, Zhang Sisi, and Chen Ya


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