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Pan Minmin: Learning to Dance, One Step at a Time
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Pan Minmin is a graduate of the NIT School of Law and Media. She now has a position with the magazine, Zhejiang Merchants. Although only two years have passed since her graduation, she is much more mature and also more confident than before. How did she get where she is today? Some details from her personal experience may provide an answer.
Campus Newspaper — Ticket to Society
When Pan Minmin was a freshman, she eagerly volunteered to work as a reporter for the school newspaper. Looking back at her four years of university life, Pan considers her time as a campus news reporter to be her most cherished experience. She observed, “The activity of interviewing, writing, and editing made my university life exciting. It also helped me develop the communication skills that would eventually be the foundation of my future career.” She added, “Attending university is just ones ticket to enter society; its not the main performance. After graduation, you must start from nothing.”
Ningbo Merchants — Dancing on Societys Stage
To start her career, Pan Minmin accepted a humble position as an office secretary. Her job description was to assist in creating a new magazine called Ningbo Merchants. Early on, the 22-year-old Pan had to accept that she lacked necessary knowledge about financial matters. However, she was ambitious and diligent. To become more familiar with the ;nuts and bolts of the business world, she began to read well-known financial magazines and newspapers and to absorb the knowledge she craved. She also consulted frequently with her work colleagues. Soon, Pan Minmin became familiar with the entire process of publishing a magazine. With Pans contribution, the magazine evolved from the simple, basic content of its first issues to its current rich and beautiful content. Few people suspected that the success of Ningbo Merchants was partly due to the hard work of the 22-year-old Pan Minmin.
Although she suffered many hardships along the way, she managed to overcome them and to succeed. Because of her positive attitude, difficulties served to accelerate her personal growth. Pan poetically expressed her gratitude to her first employer, saying “I will always be deeply grateful to Ningbo Merchants for giving me an opportunity to learn how to dance on the stage of society.”
Zhejiang Merchants — Becoming a Financial Journalist
As a result of Pan Minmins excellent job performance at Ningbo Merchants, she attracted the attention of another financial magazine, Zhejiang Merchants, which was to become a major milestone in her new career. When she left Ningbo Merchants to accept a position with Zhejiang Merchants, Pan Minmin cherished the opportunity to dance on a much bigger stage
In ones youth, nothing seems impossible. For now, Pan Minmin benefits from being a bit older and wiser. Her work requires that she often travel around the country, and it seems to be her turn to shine. Pan says that she enjoys her present job and that shes always facing new challenges and opportunities. With her strong dedication to her career, we can expect that she will continue to surprise her friends and family with new successes.
And so, Pan Minmins experience shows that while there are few if any shortcuts to success, we can eventually achieve our goals through hard work and determination.

Zhang Qiaoxian, Zhou Yongjia, Zuo Lingli and Zheng Yin


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