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Mao Chenyao: Youth – Enjoy It, Cherish It
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Mao Chenyao, a student of the School of Information Science and Engineering, is now a former president of the NIT Student Union. The NIT Post interviewed this soon-to-be college graduate, and heres what she had to say.
What Mao Thinks of College Life
Mao said that what she expected of college life was basically what other people told her it would be like. Her high school teachers had said that her college experience would consist of boundless freedom and a carefree lifestyle. However, when she entered college, she found things to be quite different. She discovered that college is a place where you can explore who you are and begin to understand your true value.  Looking back, Mao also advised that students should make a personal and ;cool plan for how to organize and use their college time efficiently and make the best choices. After all, four years go by quickly and sooner than you think, youre out in “the real world.”
Why Mao Ran for Student Union President
When asked why she ran for president of the NIT Student Union, she said, “Actually, it was simple; our branch school recommended that I campaign for the position. Also, I had previous experience as the vice-president of the student union at our branch school.” Mao added, “I did not think I had any advantages over the other candidates, as they were all excellent. We all love the Youth League Committee and the Student Union, which explains why we have devoted ourselves to it. This experience has enriched my college life, and I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all of my friends in the organization.”
What Mao Learned from Being President
According to Mao, the most important thing she learned was gratitude. At the beginning of her term as president, she was unfamiliar with the people and work, which created some feelings of pressure and discomfort. Soon, Mao started to work with and learn from others, which helped her adapt to the responsibilities of her position and to improve her communication skills. She also began to appreciate the abilities and charm of the Student Union ministers. Mao learned much from the ministers, and she wants to express her thanks to them for their consistent support and encouragement.
How Mao Felt About Hosting the Graduates Evening
It was Maos first time to host such a gala evening, and she was excited and nervous.  But everything had been arranged down to the smallest details; even the uniforms for the evening were custom designed. For the graduates, the evening was a special and memorable event. It signified the culmination of four years of hard work, the students expectations, hopes and dreams. Of course, Mao couldnt dare screw anything up. It had to be a perfect evening. For giving her the privilege of hosting, Mao extends her thanks to the teachers and staff.
Maos Views on the Future and Youth
“Perhaps Ill become a teacher, but thats not all that I see in my future. I want to excel at many different things, and I plan to go all-out to get what I want. Im not going to change my plans or compromise my dreams. And yes, I know that I will have to walk to the end of the path I choose,” Mao said. She then added, “As for youth, I have just one bit of advice: Gain as much experience as you can by enjoying and cherishing your youth. Youth is just like a movie – it can be wonderful, awful, impressive, or trivial.”


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