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Lin Junjun: Days in Qingchuan
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Lin Junjun recently graduated as a member of Class 041 from the NIT School of Law and Media. Her consistent efforts during her school years won her a number of awards. Now, she serves as a volunteer for the propaganda department of Qingchuan city in Sichuan province.
Qingchuan is famous for its long history, valuable cultural relics and clean water. The earthquake of “5.12” caused great loss. In response, Lin Junjun decided without hesitation to volunteer her services to those affected by this natural disaster.
Quitting Her Job
Many Chinese were at a loss what to do when the earthquake occurred in Wenchuan, but Lin Junjun decided to go there, despite the doubts and warnings of her friends. At the time, Lin had a job as an intern. Despite having worked at the company for over six months, she gave her notice immediately, saying that if she could help those in need, she would be making the right decision.
In Qingchuan, Lin risked injury from the numerous aftershocks. Still, she took an active part in the rebuilding effort, witnessed the devastation of the disaster and experienced the sincere support streaming to the area from all parts of China.
Experiencing Aftershocks
When Lin Junjun arrived in Qingchuan, the town was a mess. There was no electricity and no running water, only endless small quakes. “I can still remember the first time I experienced an aftershock. It was both dangerous and terrifying”, said Lin.
Gradually, she became more or less accustomed to the aftershocks. Interestingly, people in the area would often greet each other with the question, “Shock today?” Living and working together in the dark, post-quake countryside, volunteers had to adapt to the life-or-death situation as commonplace.
During her days in Qingchuan, Lin observed many people praying for assistance. Flooding and traffic jams added to the difficulties. Each day, she would do everything possible to calm the local residents and to make them more comfortable while they gradually recovered from the disaster and worked to get their lives back on track.
The People of Qingchuan
What impressed Lin Junjun most was the character of the people of Qingchuan. Initially, she expected that the locals would be completely distraught and helpless after going through such a disaster. However, Lin was touched by their optimism, toughness and courage, and especially by the innocent smiles on the faces of children.
Lin Junjun commented, “The people did feel great sorrow, but no one surrendered to the disaster. They spared no effort in starting immediately to rebuild their homes. Despite all of the confusion that we experienced during those days, Im very happy to consider myself one of them now.” She also expressed her genuine thanks to the local government and to the local people for their friendship and support. “I was most fortunate to witness the rebirth of beautiful Qingchuan”, said Lin.
Moving Forward
As Lin Junjun worked steadfastly in the Qingchuan county propaganda department, each day seemed endless and yet the days also passed by quickly. During the long earthquake relief effort, Lin Junjun stayed at her position without complaining, even though each day saw one emergency after the next. As part of her job, Lin worked with colleagues and news reporters to gather and disseminate information necessary for the relief effort in every corner of the county. She now recalls those days as being the fullest and most rewarding of her life.
For Lin, her time in Qingchuan clearly reflects her personal mission and dream, and it will always be an unforgettable treasure in her life. Her experiences have matured her; she says that she no longer feels like an adolescent. Moving forward with her characteristic determination, she is fully optimistic that a better Qingchuan is on the way.

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