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Jin Wen: Living a Happy College Life With No Regrets
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What were your expectations and goals before you entered college? Hows your college life going now? Will you be happy when you graduate, or will you be filled with regrets?
Jin Wen, a girl who attends the School of Management and who is majoring in logistics management, will be awarded her bachelors degree this year. Some people think that girls are naturally better than boys at academics, and that they should study harder than boys, get higher marks, and so on. Jin, for example, has achieved much in her studies. For her work in 2009 and 2010, she received the first prize scholarship, which is granted to outstanding students who rank in the top five percent. Jin also won third prize in the National English Contest for college students (class C) in the School of Management. From 2010 to 2011, she participated in several competitions relating to her major. For example, she won second prize in the logistics design competition of the SF Cup for college students. She was also the champion of the second session logistics design competition of TTF56  for college students, and her design team was also honored for its creativity. From 2011 to 2012, Jin won the second prize scholarship. During her college career, she won scholarships and awards every year.
Jin Wen also distinguished herself in a variety of campus activities. She served as a class monitor, helping to create a harmonious group culture among her classmates. She accepted the position of vice minister of the Green Wind Organization, and was responsible for organizing off-campus environmental awareness activities. From 2011 to 2012, Jin devoted herself to assisting and encouraging freshmen during their military training.
Jin commented proudly, “I have no regrets at all about my college life. I learned a lot from others, and I benefited much from my experience. Most importantly, I led my life according to my own personal style.” When she was asked why she has chosen to pursue further studies after graduating instead of hunting for a job, Jin said, “I have always wanted to have another opportunity to take the College Entrance Examination. I think I could have performed better the first time, and I just want to try it again to prove my ability. Then I will start looking for a job.”

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