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Jiang Yinfeng: Volunteering in the West
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Jiang Yinfeng, a 2005 graduate of NITs School of Foreign Language Studies, is now working in the volunteer department of the Communist Youth League in Sichuan Province. An excellent student, she won a number of honors and titles during her time on campus and over the course of her career. On May 12, 2009, she attended the first anniversary memorial ceremony of the Wenchuan earthquake, presided over by then President Hu Jintao, as a representative of response volunteers.
When Jiang Yinfeng graduated, no one expected that this outstanding student would give up the chance of landing a job in a well-known company and instead choose to volunteer to participate in the countrys “Volunteer West” project. She devoted herself whole-heartedly to her new job and quickly adapted to the working conditions. The office where she worked was a conduit for information flowing between program leaders and volunteers, all of whom work together closely. On one occasion, Jiang took the initiative to record the birth dates of all the volunteers. Now, each volunteer receives a congratulatory card whenever their birthday comes around. Her excellent work performance was fully recognized by both her superiors and colleagues.
Although Jiang Yinfeng wasnt teaching children directly, she nevertheless enjoyed great popularity among her young students. Drawing upon her experience as an English major, she set up English tutoring programs and founded the “Loving Class”, a weekend program which helps left-behind children with their studies and supports their emotional well-being. When she discovered that the children lacked good books to read outside of school, Jiang Yinfeng took steps to acquire a small library of used books from her Alma Mater – NIT. She commented, “As time passes, I will never forget these children. They are poor, but with educational and emotional support they have hope and a new lease on life.
On May 12, 2008, the great Wenchuan earthquake struck unexpectedly. A bit frightened, Jiang Yinfeng ran out of her damaged office building and sat in the middle of the road. This horrific event did not deter her, however, but made her even more certain that she had made the right choice for her occupation.
Now, three years have passed. Jiang Yinfeng has become accustomed to the work and deeply loves her chosen career. She said, “I will never part with the kids – they are my ;battle companions! I will continue to carry my volunteer work forward!”

Fu Huiyuan, Hu Jiaxing, Wang Wei and Zheng Yuheng


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