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Hu Chenyan:Success Won’t be Far Away
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Hu Chenyan, an excellent student graduated from the School of Foreign Language Studies, is now studying in the Chinese University of Hongkong. She shares her own ideas with us on how to go through our college years happily and successfully.
In study, she had her own style. She insists on “happy study”. “I think we should work hard under pressure, but we cant put too much stress on ourselves or we will become crazy.” She said, “We should learn to enjoy the process of learning and cherish the experience weve gained.” How to learn English well? Hu gave us her answer. That is “persistence”. Meanwhile, she enjoys reading a lot. When she was a freshman, she always had her breakfast before the morning exercises to save more time for reading aloud together with her classmates. “Reading with classmates can not only urge you to make progress but also can establish friendship with others.” She said, “I love the library and I am always absorbed in English novels. When I come across some new words, I write them down, and later, memorize them.” 
As President of the Student Union in the School of Foreign Language Studies, she was as busy as a bee. How did she manage it? She said, “It is very important to manage our time so that we wont miss out on life. We should learn to make plans.”  That was the case. She passed IELTS with a good score while devoting herself to the Student Union affairs. 
Here is some advice Hu gave us. She said, “We should have a group of good friends and it is important to have a good relationship with teachers and classmates because you may learn a lot from them whether in life or in study. College is a good place for us to fulfill our dreams so we should broaden our minds and try to communicate with people of all kinds. Success wont be far away if you hold on to your dream.”

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