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Queen's University Belfast Program
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About Queen's University Belfast
NIT has started this exchange program with Queens University Belfast since 2010 and 38 students has pursued their postgraduate study in Britain.
Queens University Belfast, built in 1845, is one of the ancient universities in Britain. Located in Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, it became a member of the Russell Group in 2006, which includes the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London. Queens University Belfast is famous for its high level of scientific research in Britain. It was one of the Top 200 colleges and universities and ranked the 26th in Britain according to the Times Higher Education (THE) University Rankings 2013. Meanwhile, its 17 majors were in the Top 20 list.

About the Program
Students from the School of Civil Engineering & Architecture, the School of Information Science and Engineering, the School of Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering, the School of Foreign Language Studies, the School of Economics and Trade and the School of Management are welcome to this program if their academic performance and language proficiency meet the requirements of Queen's University Belfast.
At the fourth year, the credits obtained from Queens University Belfast are approved by NIT. The students in this program can be awarded the diplomas of NIT and the Bachelors degrees as well if they meet the requirements of NIT.
The students in this program will be admitted to Queens University Belfast as postgraduates and will be awarded Masters degrees after they finish their study at the fifth year.

Program Cost
At the fourth year, students need to pay the registration fee at NIT and the tuition at Queens University Belfast (FYI: £ 16225 for the academic year 2014-2015).
As for the postgraduate program, students are to pay the tuition according to tuition policies of Queens University Belfast.

Fees and Scholarships
Students will have the opportunity to obtain a 20% tuition scholarship or £2200 from Queens University Belfast at the fourth year. Students are also entitled to the scholarships offered by Queens University Belfast when they pursue their masters degrees.

Link to Queens University Belfast


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