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Washington Semester Program between NIT and UIndy Lugar Academy
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About the UIndy and Lugar Academy
University of Indianapolis (UIndy) is a private institution of higher learning with storied history, which was built in 1902. The school offered more than 80 bachelors degree project, 27 masters degree programs and five Ph.D programs. It has about 5400 enrolled students now, 1200 of them are postgraduates. It was listed as one of the best regional universities in the Midwestern United States on the ranking list of “US News and World Report”. University of Indianapolis has cooperated with NIT for nearly 10 years in the Sino-US joint programs.
The University ofIndianapolis and Senator Richard G. Lugar have enjoyed a long and rewarding relationship. Lugar is a Distinguished Trustee of UIndy and a Distinguished Professor of Political Science and International Relations. He also holds an honorary UIndy degree. In December, 2012, Lugar Academy was founded by Richard G. Lugar and Rresident of UIndy, former Vice Provost of Georgetown University, who has his offices both in Washington D.C and UIndy.
Lugar was on the Board of Trustees from 1970 to 2002, and also served a stint on the University's faculty, teaching political science as a visiting professor between his last term as mayor of Indianapolis and his first term as a U.S. senator. In 1977, he launched the Lugar Symposium for Tomorrows Leaders that bears his name, which continues to draw more than 400 high school juniors from around the state to UIndy each December to discuss topics of local and global importance.

About the Program
This program mainly focuses on the courses related to society and politics and the students are encouraged to discuss public issues and world events in class. They are to meet the US senators and practice in various well-known institutions concerning policy-making during the fifteen-week stay in Washington.

This program aims at helping the majors of Law, English, Trade and Finance to study abroad. The third-year and fourth-year students at NIT who satisfy the following requirements can apply for this program: English proficiency: IELTS, above 7.0; passing an interview by the teachers from UIndy.

Academic Strength
Elite instructors: The courses are instructed by celebrated professionals, American senators, and global specialists in politics and public policy.
High-end practice: Lugar Academy provides students with opportunities to see how decisions are made by practicing in institutions concerning policy-making and politics, for instance, federal agencies, think tanks, international affairs organization, embassies, public relation companies, government relation companies, nonprofit organizations and congress. Students can observe the decision making process of American politics and policy at short range in Washington.

Program Cost
Students need to pay merely the registration fee to NIT as usual and the tuition (FYI: US $25154 for the academic year 2014-2015) to the UIndy.

Link to UIndy Lugar Academy


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