Zhejiang University Ningbo Institute of Technology
Campus Life
· Professor Peng Zengjun Awarded Title “Six Batch of Talents” in Ningbo [2017-03-13]
· Shi Guanghui Awarded the Title of Excellent Physical Education Teachers in Zhejiang [2017-03-13]
· Tree-planting Activities Held at NIT [2017-03-13]
· NIT Holds Annual Meeting 2017 [2017-03-13]
· Professor Xiao Wen Attends Zhejiang Trade Forum [2017-03-13]
· Ningbo Municipal Government and Zhejiang University Discuss Establishment of Ningbo Campus of Zhe... [2017-01-18]
· School of Computer and Data Engineering Founded at NIT [2017-01-18]
· New Year Charity and Yangming Institute Pipa Concert Held at NIT [2017-01-18]
· NIT Choir Welcomes 2017 with their Voice in New Year Chorus Concert [2017-01-18]
· Professor Dong Ping Awarded Sanjiang Scholar [2017-01-18]
· Three Students of NIT Wins First Prize in 1st Zhejiang Collegiate Enterprise Operation Sand Table... [2016-12-30]
· Cross-border E-commence Talent Training Forum Held at NIT [2016-12-30]
· Ningbo Collegiate Social Entrepreneurship Forum 2016 Held at NIT [2016-12-30]
· 2nd Chinese Collegiate Programming Contest Finals Held at NIT [2016-12-30]
· NIT Team Wins First Prize in Zhejiang Teaching Achievement Award 2016 [2016-12-08]
· President of Bialystok Technical University Visits NIT [2016-12-08]
· Business School and Data School Founded at NIT [2016-12-08]
· Review Meeting and Symposium of 2nd Marine Silk Road Creative Competition Held at NIT [2016-12-08]
· NIT Students Wins First Prize in 8th Zhejiang Collegiate Industrial Design Competition [2016-12-08]
· First Campus Theater of Ningbo Opened at NIT [2016-10-20]
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