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The School of Information Science and Engineering (SISE) is comprised of four A-level teaching and research institutes: the Institute of Computer Application Technology, the Institute of Electronic and Information Technology, the Institute of Information and Control Technology, and the Institute of Automation and Electrical Engineering, There are also two related learning centers: the Fundamental Teaching Center and the Experimentation Center.
In addition, SISE has established four interdisciplinary research and development (R&D) centers and three B-level research institutes, including the Center for Embedded Technology, the Center for Advanced Computing Technology, and the Center for System Modeling and Optimization Technology.
Degree Programs
SISE offers advanced studies in disciplines leading to Bachelor’s degrees with majors in Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Electronic and Information Engineering, Automation, Electrical Engineering and Automation, and Information and Computing Science. In 2001, SISE’s Computer Science and Technology program was listed in the first batch of key majors by Ningbo Municipal Government.
SISE has 82 full-time faculty members, of whom 7 are full professors, 21 are associate professors, 24 are PhDs, and 10 are studying for their doctorate degree. Two faculty members have been selected as candidates for the “151 Talent Project” of Zhejiang Province, one has been recognized as a ‘Famous Teacher of Ningbo City’; three are candidates for “4321 Talent Project” of Ningbo City, and one won the prize in the “Fourth Promising Young Teachers of Higher Educational Institutions” evaluation in Zhejiang Province. SISE has also invited renowned professors from China and abroad to serve as adjunct professors and honorary professors, including professors from the National University of Singapore, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Zhejiang University, Southwest Jiaotong University, and Xiamen University.
SISE’s offices and teaching/research facilities cover an area of 6700 square meters, and its library has over 3000 books. SISE has 13 laboratories with the total value of equipment in excess of 2 million RMB. The names of the SISE laboratories are as follows: Laboratory for Computer System Technology, Laboratory for Computer Networking, Laboratory for Digital Technology, Laboratory for Radio Frequency Technology, Laboratory for Electronics Design, Laboratory for Microcomputer Principles and Technical Applications, Laboratory for Communications and Networking, Laboratory for Automated Control Systems, Laboratory for Detection Technology, Laboratory for Optimization and Control Methods and Applications, Laboratory for Embedded Systems, Laboratory for Software Engineering, and the Laboratory for Electrical and Electronic Engineering. The Laboratory for Optimization and Control Methods and Applications is one of Ningbo’s municipal key construction laboratories.
Research Projects
SISE continues to design its programs in accordance with the economic and social demands of Zhejiang province and Ningbo city. Its “Control Science and Engineering” discipline has been listed in the first batch of Advantageous and Characteristic Disciplines of Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University.
During the period of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development, the SISE faculty undertook 4 projects sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 4 projects sponsored by the Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province, 42 projects sponsored by the Natural Science Foundation of Ningbo Municipality, and 1 goal-oriented sub-project of the National 863 Plan of China. SISE projects are oriented toward technology applications closely associated with Ningbo’s local economy, including high-power LED drive technology, industrial control technology based on machine vision, industrial flow control, information management systems, and precise motion control technology.
SISE has established several research teams. In 2010, SISE acquired more than 5 million RMB in research funds, and its faculty published 54 papers, among which 23 were SCI/EI retrieval papers appearing in domestic and foreign journals. In addition, SISE faculty have been awarded three national invention patents.
SISE is committed to training creative students with an emphasis on interdisciplinary studies, practical application, and economically beneficial results. SISE is constantly strengthening its curriculum and exploring new ways to educate and train qualified computer engineers. Great efforts are being made to promote education research and reform, to develop collaborative teaching methods, to improve textbooks, and to modernize laboratories.
During the period of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development, SISE’s faculties undertook 32 educational research/reform projects sponsored by national, provincial and municipal funds, published 46 papers in the area of education research, and were in charge of or participated in the compilation of 31 textbooks.
Of the published textbooks, two were listed as National Planning Textbooks during the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, one was recognized as a National Quality Textbook for General Higher Education, one won the ministerial-level, second-class prize for textbooks, and four were listed among the Provincial Key Textbooks for Higher Education Institutions.
One SISE course has been recognized as a provincial-level Elaborate Construction Course. In addition, SISE faculty members have participated in one provincial-level teaching team. One faculty member recently gained recognition as a Promising Young Teacher, and has won six awards from Ningbo municipality for achievement in the field of higher education.
In 2010, the SISE “Computer Application Technology Discipline Cluster” was approved as one of the key construction projects of Ningbo municipality for service-oriented education; the total amount of funding for this project was 3.5 million RMB.
International Cooperation
SISE attaches great importance to academic exchanges and cooperation, and has sent many teachers as visiting scholars to domestic and foreign universities and research institutions. In 2011, SISE began a cooperative program with the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Queen’s University, United Kingdom.
Currently, more than 1900 students are enrolled in SISE Bachelor’s degree programs. In addition, 20 students participate in Master’s, doctorate, and post-doctorate programs offered jointly by the Ningbo Institute of Technology and other higher education institutions, including Zhejiang University.
SISE endeavors to train students with comprehensive abilities and practical skills. Students are also encouraged to participate in discipline-related competitions such as the ACM College Student Program Design Competition, the “Challenge Cup” Competition, the Mathematical Modeling Competition, the Electronic Design Contest, the Software Design Competition, and the Intelligent Automobile Competition. In the past 8 years, SISE students won 137 international awards and 670 provincial-level awards in various competitions.
SISE students are actively engaged in discipline-specific research projects. Thus far, students have obtained 12 provincial-level project approvals and 68 institute-level project approvals. From 2010 to 2012, SISE undergraduates published 25 papers in domestic/foreign journals and at academic conferences, and have been granted one patent.
SISE encourages students to participate in campus cultural activities, social work, and volunteer youth activities in order to develop practical skills and a sense of social responsibility. Each year, SISE holds the popular ‘Information Culture Festival’ which consists of activities that integrate disciplinary knowledge, creativity, and social skills. The ‘Information Culture Festival’ was granted the first prize for 2010 Campus Culture Brand of Ningbo Institute of Technology. SISE has nine times been awarded provincial-level prizes for outstanding teams, training centers, and individuals as part of summer social activities. In 2007, the SISE Youth League Committee was granted the title of Outstanding Foundational Youth League Organization Construction Demonstration Site by Ningbo municipality.
Further Development
Many excellent SISE graduates have obtained positions in well-known enterprises such as China Telecom, China Mobile, Kingsoft, Baidu, Insigma, and Alibaba. The number of graduates who establish businesses, study abroad, and pass the Examination for National Public Servants is increasing each year. In addition, a large number of graduates have been admitted to graduate programs run by domestic institutions of higher education such as Zhejiang University, Dalian University of Technology, East China University of Science & Technology, and Hangzhou Dianzi University.


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